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The Unnamed Council  -  A relaxed yet organized PvE oriented guild for Hex TCG

All across Entrath, the trembles ripple. In the south a man buys an artifact from an elven merchant, the item is never seen or spoken of again. In the north two feudal lords resign their borders, a closer look at the map shows a small sliver of land unaccounted for. 100 miles beneath them a brilliant dwarf researcher on the edge of a breakthrough suddenly disappears, all his research gone with him. If you look hard enough you can see it everywhere, the touch of our hand, the pull of our string.

Who are we you ask? We are the Unnamed Council. And why are we Unnamed? To name us is to give us identity, to put you closer to those who pull your string, to lessen the awe. However, our goals are too important, with too much at stake. Entrath silently boils, ready to erupt, on the brink of all-out war. Even this pales in comparison with the greater threat on the horizon.

Hex hangs in the sky, a source of magic, hope and fear. No one knows more than the Unnamed Council of the true purpose, and the true threat Hex represents. We are what stand between Entrath destruction and it's salvation. It is our subtle manipulations that prepares Entrath for troubled times that even it is barely aware of. Entrath will be prepared, and she won't even know why.

Fear us or revere us, either is an appropriate response, but it is best if you forgot us. Best if you go to your bed, and sleep silently in your ignorance. Forget that your every action is but a small piece of our plan. That your destiny and the destiny of all of Entrath is in our hands.

Sleep, Entrath, sleep and dream, ignorant that those dreams will be protected. Protected by the pullers of strings, the manipulators of destiny, the true guardians on Entrath.

Protected by the Unnamed Council.

Focus: PvE Dungeon delving and Raid, some PvP

Time Zone: We have members currently in the US, Australia, and Europe so will be seeking to expand across regions so we can hopefully have friends for everyone to play with at any point.

Style: Casual, laid back group of people with an interest in the PvE aspects of Hex and achieving whatever we may be able to. Grace in defeat and celebration in victory! We will be taking our activities seriously, but we strive to have fun and enjoy ourselves in doing so. Hex should be for having fun and not be considered a secondary job or a place to scapegoat someone for failure. We will strive to provide learning and feedback to those that are looking to do so and once we know more about the PvE and in game Guild tools available to us will be seeking to determine guild activities.

We started during the Hex Kickstarter as a group of ragtag people looking for the same sort of experience and thus The Unnamed Council was formed as the first PvE dungeon/Raid focused guild. (Not to be confused with Spiral guild that is the first Storytelling based guild :) )