ehh, link was cutted, correct link [link]
dont believe of negative reviews, they are mostly from physical lcg players who thought its 1:1 conversion, game is really great, have frequent updates and promosing features or road map, more info on weekly dev updates [link]
for those who are looking for nice card game with coop ill suggest checking this [link]
I share your feelings, Cato
*Sighs* Nov 14th. On that last day, I shall be here. As I was at very start.
But that kind of feels hollow. This site would be a tomb. Perhaps like all things, TUC should just end.
I could strip functionality and save the forums and shoutbox. We would lose custom web address on 14th Nov.
*scrolls idly though core admin settings*
It would be nice if we could salvage some form of the guild before she goes offline.
*Scrolls idly through forums*

Hex Entertainment promotes on player per year to the status of Exalted for his contributions to the game in general. We at TUC don't have that, but we also have members who go beyond the call of duty - and beyond the scope of the game - to do what they feel is fair and right.

For this we have established a small recognition - the TUC Badge of Honor.

We also have a first recipient: Kurasa!

Kurasa not only has tirelessly been in charge of accepting new members into our fold, he has gone way beyond this by establishing TUC as a force in the Hex charity events several years in a row now.

For this endeavors and unending energy TUC awards Kurasa the 1st TUC Badge of Honor!

"Greetingsss adventurer,

What a foolish move... coming all this way up and alone in my lair, only to end up your journey far from your beloved ones...

Hooo, my mistake, you're not alone it seems... but neither am I! Look at all these little eigth legged friends I have. They've not been feeding properly recently, gnoll meat isn't exactly a... fine meal *smirk*

So, what it is you seek? Think twice and watch your next words before you speak. I'm in a playful mood today, and I shall spare your lives if you entertain me enough. Otherwise, you could end up in one of these giant cocoons, or worse..."

For the full article, click HERE.

Weeelllllllllllcome for I am Count Davian Vampire King ruler of the Entrathian skies by night and lord of the land by day, with my chivalry and courtly virtues. And brave adventurer, I am very Pleased to make your acquaintance, now run mortal, you will realize I enjoy chasing my food………… Do not be afraid of vampires (nor werewolves for that matter) we are neutral in the fight for Entrath after-all the blood of ardent is as rewarding to me as the blood of the underworld, though to be honest human blood is fresher than necrotic blood. But my point stands, you’ve more to fear of what the humans will do to the underworld, and what the underworld shall do to the surface – but enough of this posturing! Let’s fly into battle and drain the life of the most feared encounters.

For the full article, click HERE

TUC Secret Santa 2016

Greyhaven posted Dec 2, 16

Ho Ho Ho to the Council,

It is that time of year again! The Night of Bells is fast approaching. Pappy Jasper is gearing up for the big night. And now it is your turn to don your Ugly Sweater, lace up your mighty Boots of Gifting, and spread some cheer for your fellow guildmates.

To learn more about the program and to sign up, see HERE

Happy Holidays to all. Cheers!

The long-awaited second installment of HEX PvE Campaign goodness is only a week away! Gear up your favorite champion and get ready to brave the Alachian Sea with the following new features:

  • Mercenaries
  • A new character class: The Ranger
  • A Level Cap of 15, with a new tier of skills and racial capstone abilities
  • A nautical press-your-luck exploration system from the deck of your own customizable ship
  • A massive new zone that "more than doubles the size of AZ1"
  • Four flavorful new dungeons
  • New cards, equipment, mercenaries, and more. Loot! Loot! Loot!
  • UI Improvements
  • ...and much more!

We look forward to hearing all about your exploits in this bold new chapter, friends. Enjoy!

(Read the official announcement HERE)